The Best
Compound Bow
For The Money

Predator Archery Raptor
Compound Bow Review

129 Reviews $239.95

The Raptor from Predator Archery is a solid all-around compound bow at a reasonable price. For beginner and intermediate shooters, we feel the Raptor is the best compound bow for the money.

Fully Adjustable

The Predator Archery Raptor is highly adjustable.

It has a draw length of 24.5″ to 31″ and a draw weight of 30 to 70 lbs. Shooters of most body types and strength levels should be able to get comfortable on this bow.

The Raptor’s let-off is 75%. This means that when fully drawn, you’re only holding 25% of the peak draw weight. If the bow was set to 50 lbs, the holding weight would just be 12.5 lbs.

A handful of reviews mentioned the benefits of having this compound bow professionally tuned at an archery shop. For beginners, this is probably better than trying to dial it in with no experience.


The Raptor has a top speed of up 315 feet per second (FPS). This makes for exciting target shooting and is more than sufficient for most types of bow hunting.

Aluminum Cams

Many entry-level compound bows have cams that are made of plastic or composite material.


The Raptor includes everything you’ll need to get started. This includes a 5-pin sight with LED light and level, whisker biscuit rest, stabilizer, 4-arrow quiver, and string stop.

Some reviewers felt the quality of the accessories was mediocre. This is useful information, but it’s hard to expect premium extras at this price point.

Arrows are not included.


The Raptor has a lifetime warranty covering manufacturing issues. Be sure to register your bow online within 30 days of your purchase.

What people liked

  • Great quality for the money
  • Limbs made in the USA
  • Adjustable for shooters of all sizes
  • Powerful
  • Good overall compound bow for a wide range of skill levels
  • Excellent customer service

Possible drawbacks

  • Bad instructions (but the company set up video is helpful)


Machined aluminum cams
Adjustable 30-70 lbs draw weight with 75% let-off
30" axle to axle length
Up to 315 feet per second arrow speed
5-pin fiber optic sight with LED light
Product weight 3.6 lbs
Includes many accessories
Lifetime warranty

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The Next Step Up

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

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If you’re looking for the next step up from the Raptor, consider the Cruzer G2 from Bear Archery.

The Cruzer G2 is made in the USA and comes with a range of high quality accessories. It’s also a bit lighter than the Raptor (3 lbs) and has a much higher range of adjustability.

The G2 is a little more expensive than the Raptor, but it’s a bow that will grow with you and won’t need to be upgraded as you become a more skilled archer.