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Fly Reel
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Piscifun Sword
Fly Reel Review

513 Reviews $49.85

If you’re trying to find the best fly reel for the money, check out the Piscifun Sword.

Its high-quality machined aluminum construction and great performance make it a natural choice for budget-conscious fly fisherman.


The Piscifun Sword has a precision CNC-machined aluminum body.

Many reviewers were impressed by the high quality of the machining. Parts fit together tightly with zero play. A number of users commented that the craftsmanship was on par with much more expensive US-made reels.

The reel is anodized and cold tempered for superb corrosion resistance and strength.

While appearance obviously doesn’t affect performance, many users loved the slick design of the Piscifun Sword.

Drag System

The Piscifun Sword fly reel features a multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system.

A majority of reviewers felt the drag system was very smooth. Drag engagement was gentle and quick. Drag strength is easy to adjust using the knurled drag knob.


The Piscifun Sword has a silent retrieve and a light click on drag.

Most users reported that the reel’s operation was silky smooth and generally felt great to fish with.

Several users who owned high-end fly reels were amazed at the performance of the Sword compared to units that cost 4 or 5 times as much.

Warranty & Customer Service

The Piscifun Sword has a 3-year warranty.

Many reviewers praised the top-notch customer service, which was fast and helpful.

What people liked

  • Smooth drag
  • Drag is easy to adjust
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality machining
  • Great overall fly reel for the price

Possible drawbacks

  • Some users reported drag knob was too easy to move


CNC-machined aluminum body
Lightweight design
Cork and stainless steel drag system
Reversible design for left-handed retrieve

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Piscifun Platte

58 Reviews $99.98

Fisherman seeking a slightly more high-end fly reel should consider the Piscifun Platte.

This fly reel features an upgraded carbon fiber and steel drag system. Carbon fiber is generally smoother more resistant to compression than cork. The Platte’s drag system is also fully sealed for zero-maintenance fishing.

A positive-click drag knob provides clear audible feedback when making drag adjustments. This fly reel also has a subtle click on retrieve.