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Vaultek VE10
Gun Safe Review

216 Reviews $139.99

The Vaultek VE10 is a tough, no-frills gun safe with near-perfect customer reviews.

Considering the VE10’s excellent performance and affordable price, we think it’s the best gun safe for the money.


Its 18-gauge stainless steel unibody design is tough but lightweight. Internal hinges and anti-pry ridges cut back on external access points.

A foam interior holds your pistol in place and protects it from damage during transportation.

An interior LED light ensures you’ll be able to see your firearm even in low light condition.

The VE10 includes pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware as well as a braided steel security cable.


The VE10 handgun safe has room for one pistol and one or more magazines.

In reviews, most gun owners were able to easily fit their pistol into the VE10. However, you should check the size of your firearm before purchasing, as some very large pistols may not fit in the VE10. For larger items, consider the VE20.

Keypad & Access

The programmable five-key keypad features red LED backlighting. When the code is entered, the spring-loaded lid pops open, allowing for quick access to your firearm.

This model does not have any biometric locking systems. Many reviewers actually preferred this as it minimizes access points.

Two backup keys provide manual access if needed.

Battery and Power

The programmable keypad and internal LED light are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The battery will last for 4 months without a charge, and the safe can be left plugged in without damaging the battery.


Vaultek offers a three-year warranty as long as you register your gun safe.

What people liked

  • Rugged, high-quality construction
  • Compact size is ideal for use in drawers, vehicles, suitcases, etc.
  • No external access points like biometrics or Bluetooth
  • Safe lid springs open after code is entered

Possible drawbacks

  • May not block determined thieves


18-gauge steel construction with powder coated finish
Padded foam interior
Internal hinges with anti-pry bars around edges
Backlit keypad and internal LED lighting
Includes two keys for manual access
Rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 4 months (safe can also remain plugged in)
Exterior dimensions: 10.5" x 8.5" x 2.125"
Interior dimensions: 9.875" x 5.375" x 1.5"
Product weight 5.2 lbs
Three-year warranty if registered (two years if unregistered)

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