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If you’re looking for the best LED grow light for the money, we recommend checking out the VIPARSPECTRA V600 600W.

The V600 offers a good combination of affordability and performance, making it the perfect LED grow light for beginners and hobbyists.


The VIPARSPECTRA V600 has 4 panels with 30 LEDs. The 4 panels are mounted inside a heavy plastic casing with clear windows.

The various high-intensity 5W LEDs cover the whole spectrum of light needed for successful grows.

An aluminum heat sink and two built-in fans help maintain a low operating temperature. These fans are similar to the fans in a desktop computer.

The VIPARSPECTRA V600 weighs 11.6 lbs and includes mounting cables. The cables aren’t adjustable, so some users opted for an adjustable hanging kit.

Performance & Coverage

The VIPARSPECTRA V600 received mostly positive reviews for its performance. Many users reported similar or better yields than an equivalent high-pressure sodium (HPS) light setup.

Depending on the size of your grow room or tent, more than one LED grow light will likely be needed. Multiple V600 lights can be easily daisy-chained together.

VEG and BLOOM Modes

The unit has two lighting modes: VEG and BLOOM. These modes let you tailor the lighting depending on your plant’s current growth phase.

The usage of these modes will vary depending on a number of factors and is beyond the scope of this review. Your needs will vary based on factors like your grow setup and plant species.

Power Usage

A number of reviews mentioned that the V600 LED grow light consumed less power than a similar HPS light.

Many users reported a large drop in their utility bill when switching from HPS lights to a VIPARSPECTRA LED system.

Warranty & Customer Service

The VIPARSPECTRA V600 has a 3-year warranty.

Users praised customer service as being responsive and easy to work with. In the rare event of an issue, VIPARSPECTRA was quick to send replacement parts or units as needed.

What people liked

  • UL certified for safety
  • Good yields
  • Cheaper and cooler than equivalent HPS lights
  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great overall value for beginners and hobbyists

Possible drawbacks

  • Not dimmable
  • Some reviews claimed light penetration wasn't as good as HPS lights; others said penetration was fine
  • Fan might be a little noisy for certain environments


120 high-intensity LEDs
260W±3% power draw at 120V
VEG and BLOOM modes
Product dimensions 15.3" x 12.8" x 3"
Product weight 11.6 lbs
100,000+ lifespan

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Sunraise Full Spectrum 1000W LED Grow Light

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If you have a smaller grow operation or just want to experiment, the Sunraise Full Spectrum LED grow light is a good place to start.

While not as robust as the VIPARSPECTRA V600 600W, the Sunraise is perfect for smaller grow tents.