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Long Gun Safe
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Steelwater EGS5922
Long Gun Safe Review

89 Reviews $749.00

The Steelwater EGS5922 offers an excellent balance of security and affordability. For people with a small- to medium-sized gun collections, the EGS5922 is one of the best long gun safes for the money.


The EGS5922 is made using 14 gauge steel, which is about 1.8mm thick. 10 thick steel locking bolts secure the door and prevent pry attacks.

The safe is 60-minute fire rated at 1875° F.

The interior is fully upholstered and has built-in racks and shelving. An automatic LED light illuminates the interior when the door is opened.


Steelwater states that the EGS5922 can hold a maximum of 16 long guns with an average of 8-10. However, user reviews indicated that a more realistic capacity is around 6 long guns.

There is plenty of shelving inside for ammunition and accessory storage. A custom door organizer provides space on the inside of the door for handguns and magazines.


For most gun owners, this long gun safe will offer sufficient protection against children, fires, and low-level thieves.

Overall, reviewers were very pleased with the construction and high quality of the EGS5922.

However, the 14 gauge steel construction isn’t impervious to physical attacks. With the right tools and enough time, a dedicated thief will be able to cut through the sides of this safe.

Steelwater makes a heavy-duty version of this safe, the SW592216. This model features 12 gauge steel construction and upgraded security features like a gear-drive locking mechanism.

Keypad and Lock

The electronic keypad is programmable with 2 codes between 3 and 8 digits long. There are no biometric locking features.

The EGS5922 long gun safe includes one bypass key. Additional keys are available at checkout.

What people liked

  • Sturdy, high-quality construction
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer service
  • Great overall value for the price

Possible drawbacks

  • Actual capacity is closer to 6 long guns
  • Heavy front door, may need to be secured to floor or base


Max capacity 16 long guns, average capacity 8 to 10 (many reviewers disagree with this)
Exterior dimensions 59" H x 22" D x 16" W
Interior dimensions 55-3/4″ H x 19-1/2″ D x 12-1/2″ W
330 lbs
Upholstered grey interior and automatic LED interior lighting
14 gauge steel construction (just under 2mm thick)
60-minute fire protection
Includes door organizer
Programmable keypad with 1 bypass key included (more available at with purchase)

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FCH Electronic 5 Rifle Gun Safe

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The FCH Electronic Rifle Safe offers moderate protection from children and thieves. However, the relatively lightweight construction means this product is really a locking metal storage cabinet and not a gun safe.

The walls are fairly thin steel and could be easily breached by a determined burglar with basic tools. Also, this model offers no fire protection.

It’s not a heavy-duty security solution, but this gun cabinet will do a decent job of keeping your guns in one place and away from curious little ones.