The Best
Massage Chair
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Real Relax
Massage Chair Review

478 Reviews $799.99

Massage chairs can vary dramatically in price, making it difficult to find the right one for your needs and budget.

The Real Relax Favor-03 offers a number of high-end features in a relatively affordable package. This is why it’s our pick for the best massage chair for the money.


The Real Relax massage has eight back rollers and 50 air cells. Several “zero gravity” reclining positions distribute weight more evenly across the chair, which enable a deeper full body massage.

Reviewers of the Real Relax massage chair liked the robust rollers and airbags. Most purchasers were largely pleased with the strength and quality of the massage.

The leg rest does not extend indepently, which is a feature you’ll often find on higher-end massage chairs.

Remote and Massage Programs

The Real Relax is includes a wired remote control. The chair has a handful of pre-programmed massage programs: sleep, mild, relaxing, and strong. You can also dial in a manual massage to work on problem areas.

You can adjust the intensity level of the massage. Some users felt the rollers were a bit too forceful and used pillows or pads to reduce the pressure.

The waist and foot massage zones offer a heated function.


The Real Relax has a tiered three-year warranty. The first year covers all parts and maintenance issues. The second and third years covers just the shipping cost for replacement parts.

What people liked

  • Strong rollers and airbags provide a deep massage
  • Multiple intensity levels
  • Easy assembly
  • Reasonably quiet
  • Reclining feature

Possible drawbacks

  • Some very tall and short users reported the chair wasn't as effective as they had hoped
  • A small number of chairs arrived with non-working parts. Customer service was generally good in these situations


Shiatsu style massage technique
Eight backrest rollers and 50 airbag massagers
Entire body massage including neck, upper back, lower back, arms, waist, legs, and feet
Full manual control with four automatic massage programs
Reclines for "zero gravity" experience
Heated massage on waist and foot areas
User weight limit 400 lbs
Product weight approximately 200 lbs
Dimensions when reclined: 29.9" W x 31" H x 68" D
Dimensions when upright: 29.9" W x 49" H x 53" D

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