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Landlove 20-60x80
Spotting Scope Review

90 Reviews $129.99

Searching for the best spotting scope for the money?

We recommend the Landlove 20-60×80. This spotting scope offers high magnification and a crisp image in an affordable package.


The Landlove 20-60×80 features metal construction with rubber armor. An angled eyepiece offers a comfortable viewing experience.

The scope is waterproof and fog proof thanks to a nitrogen-filled barrel.


This model has an 80mm objective (front) lens. This is larger than many spotting scopes in this price range, which are often 60mm to 65mm.

The multi-coated 80mm lens allows more light into the scope, producing a brighter, crisper image.


The Landlove 20-60×80 has a zoom range of 20x to 60x.

Most users were operating in the 200- to 400-yard range and reported that the image was bright and sharp. Others reported that the scope performed well at distances approaching 1,000 yards.

At higher magnification levels and very long distances, image quality may start to suffer.


Reviewers of the Landlove 20-60×80 spotting scope were largely happy with the performance, especially for the money.

Many users were surprised by the excellent image quality. Even at long the 60x magnification level the Landlove produced a clear, bright picture.

Setting the zoom level and focus was simple and intuitive, making this a great spotting scope for hunting or watching wildlife.


The Landlove 20-60×80 includes a carrying case, tripod, lens covers, and a digiscoping cell phone mount.

The tripod is a smaller tabletop version and not a full-height tripod.

Some reviewers felt the accessories were serviceable, but not amazing.

Digiscoping Capability

The “digiscoping” adapter lets you use your cell phone to record images and video through the scope’s eyepiece.

A number of users mentioned that properly mounting a phone was tricky. However, once mounted, it becomes easy to shoot impressive photos and video through the scope.

What people liked

  • Large 80mm lens produces bright, crisp picture
  • Smooth adjustment knobs
  • Lightweight
  • Digiscoping mount resulted in great cell phone images and videos
  • Useful at shooting range
  • Excellent value for the money

Possible drawbacks

  • Some users struggled to properly mount phone in the adapter
  • Quality of included accessories is decent but not great


Coated 80mm objective (front) lens
20x to 60x magnification
Universal tripod mount
Waterproof and fog proof
Cell phone adapter for digiscoping
Comes with tripod, carrying case, lens covers, cleaning cloth

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Emarth 20-60x60AE

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The Emarth 20-60x60AE spotting scope is a great choice for those seeking a high-quality, affordable spotting scope.

This scope has a smaller objective lens than the Landlove and doesn’t come with a digiscoping mount. If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills spotting scope the Emarth is worth a look.