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DeWalt TSTAK VI Deep Box (DWST17806)
Toolbox Review

1,438 Reviews from $16.99

The DeWalt TSTAK VI features heavy-duty plastic construction, a 66-pound load limit, and a huge six gallon capacity. For many home handymen and light-duty contractors, this is the best toolbox for the money.


The DeWalt TSTAK VI is big and heavily built. Reviewers frequently remarked on the sturdy construction, heavy latches, and overall high quality of this toolbox.

Many reviewers of the TSTAK VI were surprised by its large capacity. It will easily hold multiple power tools, extra batteries, wrenches, hammers, and other big items.

The upper tray is ideal for smaller tools and parts and allows for easy access to larger tools in the main storage compartment.

While many people loved the size of this toolbox, it could be a little too large for casual use around the home.

DeWalt TSTAK System Compatible

The TSTAK VI is part of the DeWalt’s TSTAK system, which allows multiple tool boxes and parts organizers to be stacked on top of one another. These stacked boxes can be latched together and easily carted around.

Note that the TSTAK system isn’t compatible with DeWalt’s contractor-grade Tough System.

What people liked

  • Large capacity can handle large tools
  • Heavy duty construction with tough, durable plastic
  • Part of modular TSTAK system

Possible drawbacks

  • Might be too big for basic home use


11-7/8" H x 13" D x 17-1/4" W
66 lb weight capacity
6 gallon storage capacity
Limited lifetime warranty
Part of DeWalt's TSTAK system

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The Next Step Up

DeWalt ToughSystem DS400 XL CASE

1,234 Reviews $50.76

The DS400 might be a better choice for professionals who need an ultra-tough toolbox that can handle the abuse of daily contracting work.

It’s a little bigger than the TSTAK VI and features a heavy 4mm structural foam body with an IP65 water seal. This ensures tools stay protected and dry even in rough weather.

The DS400 is part of DeWalt’s ToughSystem, which is essentially the contractor-grade version of the TSTAK system mentioned above. This large tool box can be combined with smaller boxes and parts organizers to keep everything you need in one place.